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Communication is 55% visual, 38% voice intonation and only 7% content. Before you've spoken a word you've spoken volumes! Know what your body language is saying. Coaching available for professionals and executives.

Business and Social Protocol

Proper etiquette and manners matter in business. Topics include dining etiquette, business meeting protocol, and setting the table. Courses are customized for businesses looking for wait staff training.


Image and Presentation

One's appearance should always be professional, and formed with the audience in mind. Appropriate dress and footwear, up-to-date makeup styles and skincare all exhibit a level of sophistication, professionalism, credibility and intelligence.

What People are Saying:

"Pat Durham's professional imaging service gave me the self-confidence I needed to not only look professional, but also to present myself in the eyes of the media with confidence and poise." DM

"My daughter learns something new each class. It is so nice to have her politely remind me that my elbows should never be on the table among other reminders. No matter how well traveled, experienced or trained our children are, Pat has a way of bringing out the best in them." B.P.M.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance with my image and press interview style. Your recommendations were right on. I purchased some outfits that would fit the style you suggested and I am receiving flattering compliments about the "new look."

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Ready to take the first step towards achieving your goals? Schedule a consultation today.

Call:  (713) 443-5710