Connections that Last

I was recently honored to be part of a panel discussion recently for the Federation of Houston Profession Women.

The Federation, or FHPW, is an umbrella group made up of organizations around Houston, whose mission is to unite women from diverse member organizations to enrich personal and professional relationships and expand leadership, partnership and educational opportunities.

I am a Past President of this organization, and this panel discussion was made up of myself and two other past FHPW presidents.  The discussion centered around relationships and connections we have made, and continue to have, throughout these many years of networking in FHPW and other organizations.

I was honored to be included in this panel, and I look forward to future FHPW events where I can continue to network and meet new people.

Are you making connections?  Would you like to know more about the Federation of Houston Professional Women?  Check out their website at

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