E-Mail Mishaps and More

When was the last time you sent an E-mail to someone that you felt was brilliantly worded with no way to be misinterpreted? Yesterday? Earlier today? It just occurred? You look at the reply. You’re dumbfounded. How could someone have missed your meaning? Oh, come on..I’m not the only one this happens to. Have you wondered why this happens? I have a few thoughts on this dilemma.


We all have Communication Filters. I’ve identified fifteen filters. These filters impact the way we send messages and more importantly, how we receive messages. That in itself is enough to make our heads spin. But there’s more. When we are one on one, in the flesh, up close and personal, we listen with our ears, eyes and our heart. When we send an E-mail, we’ve cut out the ears and heart. All we have left are the eyes. (Do you see a problem emerging?) Oh, but it gets better. There are Listening Barriers, Ineffective Listening Habits and my very favorite, presuppositions.


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