It Is All About Communications

Never in recorded history has the human race had a greater opportunity to communicate. Technology has opened many doors for modern civilization; including communications. Ideas, cultures, and historical events can be shared instantaneously. Cell phones keep us connected 24/7. Social media lets us communicate the most intimate details of our lives anytime day or night. Yet, we find ourselves in a communication crisis. What can be missing?

Oprah Winfrey says communicating is like dancing. I agree. When you dance, you have to be in tune to your dance partner. You have to connect. You can’t be dancing a waltz while your partner is dancing a tango.

After a particularly embarrassing communication mishap, have you asked yourself, “What just happened”? As a professional, your technical skills should be a given. Your behavioral skills, which include communication skills, are what make you exceptional or not.

Where is a good place to begin? How about defining what communications is composed of. You can’t solve a problem until you have identified the problem.

Communication comes from the Greek word “Koine-nia” which means to share, partake and have fellowship with – to join together. To have effective communications, we have to invest time, energy and love. It’s work. But, it’s worth the effort. Others want to know we value them. Whether it is our child, spouse, friend or business associate, they want to know they are heard.

Every living creature on planet earth communicates. Only mankind has been given the ability to communicate with our words, how we say those words and how we express them with our bodies. We have a new baby in our family. She’s just a little over six pounds but I guarantee you if she is hungry or her diaper needs changing, there will be no doubt that “Houston, we have a problem”.

I am, Coach, Pat Durham, of I have been providing effective communication coaching for individuals, businesses or corporations for 25 years. Contact me today and set up a one on one time to see if we make a good fit.

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