The Rest of the Story

They had a captive audience of several hundred people. If each person was like me, he or she was having a difficult time keeping their posterior on the chair because their eyes and ears wanted desperately to flee! Our ears were being insulted by a flat nasal tone and the body language was one of someone totally shut off from her audience.

The harder I tried to concentrate on the message, the more difficult it became. The message was being drowned out by the unpleasant tonal quality of the speaker and her body language screamed, “I’d rather be anywhere but here”.

It was a “duet” sales presentation for a local business. One member of the team spoke and then signaled the other member of the duet to speak.

I was there for two reasons: I wanted to better understand the services they provided, and how I might support them. It is a business that is desperately needed in our crazy overachieving world. A new business can use all the support it can get.

My 25 years in business has taught me many life lessons. Among these lessons is one I try not to forget. I can never give faster than I receive.

What a wasted opportunity to tell their story. Don’t let this be your story. I wanted to be anywhere but listening to this uninspired speaker. Opportunity doesn’t always knock twice. You may never have the good fortune to do a “do-over” Your mother was right. First impressions are critical.

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